New Album & Lore Podcast

Dark Conclusions: The Lore Variations

Dark Conclusions: The Lore Variations

It is with INCREDIBLE pleasure I announce a new album. This is not just any album but a soundtrack for a very special LORE podcast episode! I've been working with the creator Aaron Mahnke with various pieces for the podcast but we have never dedicated new music entirely for the podcast.

The episode goes live on Halloween (10/31/16). If you're not familiar or have never listened to it, click the image below and you'll be on your way. Hope you enjoy!

You can hear the album at the following links Spotify, iTunes, Amazon



Viceland TV Feature

Generally, Lawson's music has been featured amongst Vampires & Zombies (The Walking Dead & The Vampire Diaries).  It's a refreshing change to see real human beings being the subject matter with this post. 

Chad's original piece, Nocturne in A Minor, is being used for Viceland's new documentary style television series "BLACK MARKET with Michael K. Williams".  The show looks absolutely amazing. In addition to the opening piece for the first six episodes, the piece is also being featured in the promotional trailer such as below.  Hope you enjoy. 

For what it's worth, please note this is adult content. May not be suitable for young children or in certain work environments.  

The Barest Bones - MusicBed Speaks w/Chad

When you find elements of your team that work, you keep that team together. No matter what. I've never felt more at home than with MusicBed.  They handle all of my licensing for film/tv/web and they're top-shelf.  Why? Because they get me.  They see me as I am and have never tried to change a thing. That's a lot.  A lot.  

 Read the conversation I had with MusicBed here.  

Lore Podcasts - TV Series

It is with tremendous excitement that I tell you about my friend Aaron Mahnke.  He's the creator of the hugely popular podcast, Lore.  If you're not subscribing, well, you should.  I have had the great privilege to work with Aaron on the music side of the podcast and have contributed a large amount of my work for the show. I'm humbled to be a part of something not only because it's so well designed, but more importantly because of the person Aaron is.  He's top-shelf all around.

All of that to say, Aaron has recently inked a deal with the producers of The Walking Dead to create a new television series based on the Lore podcast. I could not be happier nor more excited for Aaron and everyone involved.  I'm uber proud of the guy as he has worked his fingers off in this program. 

Stay tuned but more so, subscribe to the podcast (and leave reviews on iTunes).  I think you're really going to enjoy it!

BACH INTERPRETED / Piano Variations on Bach Chorales

Following up on his #1 Billboard Classical release, The Chopin Variations, Lawson is continuing the theme of new classical with his new album of Bach interpretations on vocal chorales.  Bach Interpreted / Piano Variations on Bach Chorales is an extremely minimalist take on early pieces written for the church by one of the greatest composers in history, J.S. Bach. 

Album releases April 29th but stay tuned as Pandora Radio will be streaming the upcoming album prior to the release date!

Performance Today (rebroadcast)

When I released The Chopin Variations, the fine folks at the country's most listened to classical program raised an eyebrow.  They are THE aficionado for all things classical and when I was invited to perform & chat, I had to read the email twice. Host Fred Child has such a vast amount of knowledge of ALL things musical and while doing so, he's also a master at making you at ease when seated at a microphone for 1,000s to hear.  

Here is the broadcast from Performance Today.  An honor to have been on a program I have been listening to for years.

#1 Billboard Classical - The Chopin Variations

As an independent artist, the idea of releasing an album can be overwhelming.  I record the albums myself in my own studio, I hire the talent to add their expertise whether it's the violinist or the graphic designer. And while I don't have the resources a major label has, sometimes an album finds its path to the right people.  This, fortunately, was the case with The Chopin Variations.  Perhaps it's the allure of Chopin.  Perhaps it was the cover that peaked interest, or simply the features on NPR's All Things Considered & CBS Sunday Morning brought the attention to millions.  Truth be told, I never imagined this would be the case as an indie artist.  I'm so incredibly grateful for everyone that supported this album from downloading it on iTunes or sitting behind a mic of a national public radio broadcast.  Thank you.  Thank you. 

CBS Sunday morning

The fine and talented folks of CBS Sunday Morning set up camp at the Lawson's house for 3 days. In August of 2015, CBS Sunday Morning decided to share Chad's story and his release, The Chopin Variations, with their audience of 6.5 million viewers. As an independent artist, I cannot begin to place into words the impact the show how in launching The Chopin Variations to the top of the classical charts onBillboard (#1), iTunes (#1 for the 2nd time) and Amazon (#1). You can watch the episode here. Here's what they found.