Lore Podcasts - TV Series

It is with tremendous excitement that I tell you about my friend Aaron Mahnke.  He's the creator of the hugely popular podcast, Lore.  If you're not subscribing, well, you should.  I have had the great privilege to work with Aaron on the music side of the podcast and have contributed a large amount of my work for the show. I'm humbled to be a part of something not only because it's so well designed, but more importantly because of the person Aaron is.  He's top-shelf all around.

All of that to say, Aaron has recently inked a deal with the producers of The Walking Dead to create a new television series based on the Lore podcast. I could not be happier nor more excited for Aaron and everyone involved.  I'm uber proud of the guy as he has worked his fingers off in this program. 

Stay tuned but more so, subscribe to the podcast (and leave reviews on iTunes).  I think you're really going to enjoy it!