Table (T-Shirt)

Own this limited edition Table - Chad Lawson t-shirt designed by Amick Cutler.

Raven (T-Shirt)

Own this limited edition Raven - Chad Lawson t-shirt designed by Amick Cutler.

Elbphilharmonie (T-Shirt)

With the upcoming performance at Hamburg's beautiful music hall, Elbphilharmonie I am selling a VERY limited number of t-shirts designed by Amick Cutler.  


As a Steinway artist with multiple #1 releases, Chad Lawson has a different approach to classical music; don’t make it classical. His #1 iTunes release re:piano (2018) pushed the envelope of what the piano sounds like, with an album composed of loops, effects and layers of textured landscapes; all from a piano. Lawson was invited to share his approach to re:piano on NPR’s Weekend Edition with Scott Simon. He has also been featured on CBS Sunday Morning and NPR’s All Things Considered. His solo work has a relaxed, meditative feel that draws on both the sonorities of classical music and the freeform nature of jazz improv.
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