Waning Moon Waning Moon Quick View

Waning Moon

Continuing the timbre of his release, The Broad Sun, pianist and composer Chad Lawson continues his pursuit in marrying the intimacy of sound and...


My hope in this recording is to create a new curiosity, a new approach and most importantly a new awareness of what can be...
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A Grave Mistake - The Lore Variations

A Grave Mistake - The Lore Variations by Chad Lawson This album is available in a Physical CD, Vinyl, and Digital Download.
from $7.99

Dark Conclusions - The Lore Variations

This product is available in Physical CD and Digital Download.
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Bach Interpreted

Following the success of his #1 Billboard Classical release, The Chopin Variations, Lawson has decided to continue the path of reinterpreting classical works.  Taking...

The Chopin Variations

#1 Billboard Classical, #1 iTunes Classical, #1 Amazon & #1 Amazon Classical. Featured on CBS Sunday Morning, NPR's All Things Considered, PRI's Performance Today, Echoes...
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The Space Between

"I wanted to record an album where the space between each note was as important or even more than the actually notes themselves." Lawson...
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Songs of Prayer - Free Download Songs of Prayer - Free Download Quick View

Songs of Prayer - Free Download

An improvisational prayer, unrehearsed, not planned, simply Chad Lawson playing whatever was on his heart; all 32 minutes of it.  This album is available...

A Solo Piano Christmas

"Far and away, this is the cream of 2011's crop of solo piano recordings holiday." Bill Binkelman, Zone Music Reporter.  "One of the best albums of...
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The Piano

Opening with J.S. Bach's Prelude in C Major, The Piano, contains nine original compositions by award winning pianist Chad Lawson. From a reminiscent sound of...
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Set on a Hill Set on a Hill Quick View

Set on a Hill

Produced by Will Ackerman of Windham Hill and Album of the Year for Whisperings Solo Piano Radio (2009), Set on a Hill embraces the...
She - Single Quick View

She - Single

Falling Ocean - Single Quick View
Restless One - Single Quick View

Restless One - Single

Restless One - Digital Download

Home Sweet Home - The Lore Variations

Home Sweet Home - The 2018 Lore Variations by Chad Lawson This album is available in a Physical CD and Digital Download.
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You Finally Knew

You Finally Knew Available as Physical CD, Hand signed by Chad Lawson, Or as Vinyl. You Finally Knew contains twelve original compositions that were recorded...
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As a Steinway artist with multiple #1 releases, Chad Lawson has a different approach to classical music; don’t make it classical. His #1 iTunes release re:piano (2018) pushed the envelope of what the piano sounds like, with an album composed of loops, effects and layers of textured landscapes; all from a piano. Lawson was invited to share his approach to re:piano on NPR’s Weekend Edition with Scott Simon. He has also been featured on CBS Sunday Morning and NPR’s All Things Considered. His solo work has a relaxed, meditative feel that draws on both the sonorities of classical music and the freeform nature of jazz improv.
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